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Fado Pub & Kitchen Private Barrel Picks - Whiskey

Clyde May's Private Selection Single Barrel


The very first Private Selection to ever hit the State of Ohio! Coming out of Alabama, we are excited to showcase this newest Fado Single Barrel. Released on 10/11/23, this single barrel is a month shy of being 6yrs old. Right off the nose you will get a sweet, buttery caramel & vanilla notes. Those same flavors coat the front of the palate and mid-way back a small welcoming rye spice will hit softly. The finish is clean and fresh with a lingering warmness. Perfect for a mild, chilly day!

This barrel is a part of the Fado Gives Back Program where we successfully raised money for DSACO (Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio). Money was raised and we had a successful kickoff event to show awareness to the needs and support of such a great cause. Cheers!!